Pensioners Day - Deney's Conradie and Rynpark

old woman and man on motorcycle pensioner and man on motorcycle pensioners at a party or gathering pensioners watching other old people riding motorcycles old lady on motorcycle colourful balloons at pensioner party pensioners gathered around a table having a conversation

Peanuts Educare Daveyton

children roaming around peanuts educare daveyton girl in purple jacket in daveyton boy recieving gift at peanuts educare unfortunate children recieving gifts child pointing up at man outside daveyton older woman speaking to children woman-from-haven-care-centre-and-peanuts-aducare-daveyton children and nonprofit organisation at peanuts daycare centre peanuts educare daveyton sign outside fence for peanuts educare daveyton building of daycare centre named peanuts educare daveyton fence and umbrella of daycare centre front door entering daycare peanuts educare daveyton educational material pasted on window chairs at tent at daycare centre tent trampoline and building

Outreach Program

wood in plastic bags at outreach program donations in big dustin bag for sqauter bag burned down caravan outreach programme mother-and children white squatter camp old white woman holding baby outside home old woman woman and baby

Other Projects

children gathered together to have sweets and drinks disadvantaged children on playground